The women who dose it rents out peoples back yards and pays them with fresh vegetables each week. sorry..if this is a spoiler don't remember which epidsode it's in When you contrast Juanita and her effort to provide a birthday party for one of her girls - and they have nothing - barely anything to do it with- and then look at Kate and her greediness and griftiness it makes me appreciate and admire people like Juanita and pity and truly dislike people like Kate. on the Youtube title. Paige needs to get a lifeget out with her friends, go somewhere on vacation, hang out with kids her own age, see some shows, whatever. What did she have squirreled away when she said that? And apparently the producers got them more marriage counseling during filming.Contrast that with Kate who didn't give marriage counseling more than a passing glance. There were a lot of unfounded rumors after this was filmed but maybe you know something I don't? Why is she being sheltered and rewarded for hurting her family? And it was okay. Lilly - deer can be destructive can't they? Love the name Moses. Add to list. Rule four has been around for years. Entertainment factor is why these shows are made. His original plans were to make an hour-long show with four families, Buschkoetter said. There are a number of documentaries on Netflix: Food, Inc., Food Fight, And Freakanomics among others. I swear to high heaven that the NEXT stray that finds me will go to a no kill shelter.++++++++++++++++++ lol! I am like the black version of you.. Plz rt me or sumthin like love u. U a Great teensquotesforu@EmeraldCityJazz @kateplusmy8 Kate is a good mom.. I so wanted to send them paint but I was a poor teenager when the story show was filmed. Also there was a Frontline about the chicken farm industry in Delaware and Maryland and what they do to the Chesapeake. I could tell she was smart. You hear them sighing and breathing; you feel like youre living in their skin, he says in a phone interview. Um, do you eat guac? Boring:Give it a tryif you don't like it, don't continue. Joe Satlin is also a great read for knowledge about where your food comes from. For anyone interested in learning where your food comes from I highly recommend Barbara Kingslover's "animal, Vegetable, Miracle" as a jumping off point into where your food comes from. Darrel Buschkoetter, 37, picks up the phone. It's nothing more than crap to stir up dirt. And if for whatever reason you have a black thumb, maybe your neighbor doesn't and you have a skill I'm sure you can barter with. My gateway reality show was 1900 house. Did kate take all 5 of the girls with her to new york? The point of this documentary is to show the genuine struggle of a small American farming family. A city slicker has no cllue lol. Why can't she use her iPhone as a GPS? What finer things in life? I dont know all of the details but I do know that its all regulated through the Rio Grand Compact. they'd be in their trailers with Craft Services and Nannies while Kate "conferred" with her bodyguard/road manager, Steve in the privacy of her personal trailer). She only loves what they can bring to her.Anybody that supports this women must have extremely low IQ, self-esteem and standards. Of course, the Buschkoetters, who came to the attention of the Sutherlands through a farm organization, didnt quite know what they were letting themselves in for. (and other perks? Is this correct? Will you throw my lovey in the garbage?? Ability to take her child with an ear infections to the dr ( like Hannie had? Gets my radar going. Quoting The Star"I feel like Kate would love to see me in jail", Jon says of his ex-wife, who's been training for a marathon recently.##############So the statement is that he FEELS like Kate would love to see him in jail. The kids were ages seven months to eleven years. Right now, I just don't have enough time to help her out ( you can work in exchange for some food). You want me to WATCH this, is that what you are sayin' to me? They broke even. 'We all eat farm produce!It's relevant to this blog as a comparison to reality TV and Kate- the story of a family and the breakdown of a marriage.Personally I think it's a timeless story and I remember the 90s well- you must be young.Some people were complaining too much Kate, boring etc so I think this is a nice break. Those were great memories. Nobody wants to try anymore. If the entire article was pieced together from statements gotten elsewhere, I hope he sues the heck out of them. Darrel's a good man. Recently had to give up farming.. Can't afford to feed your animals? Or the bedroom scene where she just can't keep her eyes open when Darrel's trying to talk to her. And getting wrong-er. I read some of those tweets and wonder how they ever got to adulthood. The m-in-law was kind, though, but had many duties of her own. That article bothers me on so many levels.-------------------I wouldn't believe anything the Star or NE says. I can't always tell, though, if they are tweeting these ignorant questions just to get a response from her ("Kate tweeted me and now I can die happy!") I have housework pileing up. Although the family was back together, Juanita told the filmmakers she wanted to be done with it. Thanks. Meanwhile, Kate, 37, is staging a comeback with a new dating show, in which she may travel around the country searching for Mr. It was a really, truly stupid thing to say. Suck it! It is not for everything! Hes an independent, working with his wife to make [his] dream come true. I can't wait to watch the Farmer's Wife. It appears to be taken in a restaurant?Feel free to ask questions, I have the article in front of me. Second, what a crap thing to say about Kate. Leroy, his father, has since passed away and today his mom, Eileen, lives in town. It was a really, truly stupid thing to say. Obvoiusly, I was wrong. Current Address: PPIZ Quail Ridge Ave, Hastings, NE. Okay, had a big long post and it said it was published. 1, Kate cc blog, and some sheeple follower of hers asked Kate to post a school check list. Juanita said they make 10-12,000 dollars a year off the farm. It was very sad but I'm not understanding the socioeconomic reasons. At one point, Juanita mentions they have $20 for groceries. Whose show possession. I will definitely check those out!Dwindle: Yes,your choice.Different strokesGlad you're back on here, though! They could eat some of their cattle, but they have to be fed certains grains for weeks and/or months for the meat to be good, then you have to have it processed, and that costs $$$. No frills.I couldn't admire Juanita more, especially as she fought to better herself and not take crap from Darrel, obviously torn about her family breaking up. Small farms are mostly gone. There's that, and the grocery store brand that they make in house and that's about it other than the nasty "dips" but those are different. It sounds benign on the surface, but it gives them power to control the seeds with whatever genetic modifications they decide on. Looks like Juanita's come along way. But if you find it boring, that's your choice.Posts only lats a few days. They died in the fire, lost the house, everything. I know a couple with 3 children who both work ft off the farm at seasonal factory jobs and highway jobs. Been fighting short fevers, I have a pill to take, stuff to put up my nose and stuff for my throat. Big brother is watching everything we do. There was a doctor who lost a son, and couples going through a divorce. One of her brothers went to Harvard, and a sister went to Wellesley. Darrel is the second owner of the farm, living now on the place where he grew up with his five sisters and brother, who now farms by Holdrege. She thought I was gonna really lose control, Darrel says on Farmers Wife, [and] there was a letter on the table saying either you go learn how to handle your frustration or she wasnt gonna come back. As this remarkable documentary account of a farm and a marriage gets underway, Juanita Buschkoetter is clearly struggling with a serious depression. I think J & K married young and I think had it just been Mady & Cara, that yes they would have eventually divorced. I won't be watching because I am so busy with a new venture in my life and my new rescue puppy. Gleaned from more than 200 hours of film shot on location over three years, "The Farmer's Wife" follows Juanita and Darrel as they face seemingly insurmountable economic hardship, only . She is talking by phone from her home in southern Nebraska about The Farmers Wife, a 6 1/2-hour intimate documentary portrait of the Buschkoetter (pronounced bush-cutter) family, presented by Frontline and Independent Television Service for PBS. I no good moms.! This is why when Kate doesn't tell people, oh please no don't donate to me please donate to a local charity, we get so mad. Or is it whoever wrote the rules? Also, Darrel and Juanita did scenes in which they'd sit and talk to the camera beside each other, but they're both very introspective and honest. And yet there it was, and it was getting praise, money, and lots of rewards. That is something I admire about Juanita and her husband. I tried to find it online but no success.Remember last week's article on Radaronline article about Jon saying he could go to prison about not being able to pay past child support. Someone needs to tell Kate that she shouldn't be crying poor while simultaneously bragging about her expensive toys. Realitytvkids.com (Administrator) said 4 Dwindle you must watch! Eighteen. Educate yourself. David Sutherland takes us deep inside the world of Juanita and Darrel Buschkoetter, a young Nebraska farm couple, to tell a compelling love story. I didn't check to see who took the group photo. It might give them a better example of hardship and struggle. Nor did they have POOL to swim in. "I'm doing the best I can," Jon adds. She's feeling that no matter how hard she. I watched the documentary about the farmer who was sued because his crops were cross pollinated by other farms. Kate talking about her favorite Apps. Hopefully they'll chill out soon. Unbelievable. Kate calls Jon's job "mediocre," Today 9/12/11, 2012 by RealitytvKids.com. God bless the hard working families doing everything they can. The drive to school is about 45 minutes, making the entire trip about an hour. Between getting loaded and unloaded from the van, and loaded and unloaded to the bus, realistically the complete compute is an hour and a half ONE WAY. :( &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&Paige, who set up that fake FB page to torment Ellen? But he drew a line with the children. I assume maybe it comes down to more technologically advanced farming techniques becoming too expensive to sustain with a small operation?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I have only read the first few pages of this paper but it seems interestinghttp://agroeco.org/socla/pdfs/Altieri-Funes-Petersen-Palencia.pdfOne thing that the Farmers Wife has not touched on is water rights. Therefore, he may have said exactly what he was feeling at the moment.However, I still don't believe what was written in that article. Once the television show aired, Buschkoetter began hearing from thousands of people who were going through tough times. Who's is a contraction of who is. High interest rates over 20% kept him down and he had to borrow money to pay this interest on his loan, which just doesnt work, he said. And yes, it's available at any gas station I ever went to, I think.++++++++++++++++++She wanted a diesel car, and now she pays diesel prices. I think, though, that with 8 kids and no money or the perks from the show they would have stayed together out of necessity. She tried to get more education to get a better job. We are lucky if we have enough water for the house and the farm, Buschkoetter said. Those were some pretty tough years economically in farm country, and it tested their marriage. Sutherland was brilliant. I guess it is possible that the Star combined old info, from a previous interview, with more recent quotes. From the last threadRealitytvkids.com (Administrator) said 12 Dwindle exactly, and conversely, what issues would you impute on someone who doesn't like Kate? Goes Out newsletter, with the week's best events, to help you explore and experience our city. Oh, and you put up with a lot of B.S. I don't recall them getting into it but I think this woman was starving herself to feed her husband and children.No wonder David Sutherland was fascinated with her. I wonder if Kate would have risen to the challenge when all the volunteers had eventually left and it was truly her and Jon on their own. )Cheating- how would she have time & energy ? They have three children. I watched the original "Farmer's Wife" in 1998 and will never, ever forget it. Author has 10 answers Since then, Buschkoetter has served as Nuckolls/Webster County president and is now the secretary-treasurer. I would say that maybe that person had a grifter or liar or narcissist in their life. She mentioned it the other day in a tweet- does she think diesel gives her status?? I got a breadmaker, icecream maker, things to can/freeze and with few exceptions, that is what we eat. Mrs. Malaprop - Moses invaded your heart AND your bed, didn't he? The Farmer's Wife first aired on PBS in 1998, a three part documentary, which was in essence a reality show, following three years in the life of Nebraska farmer Darrel Buschkoetter, and his strong but tender-hearted wife Juanita, along with their three sweet young girls. They sold the GMO crops to farmers in India and then made them dependent upon purchasing GMO Monsanto seed for years to come. Sillimom, I agree this couple really tried everything to save the marriage. From crisis to crisis both Darrel and Juanita, even as they. Or is it whoever wrote the rules?________________________ Yes! Dwindle, read your comment to me on the previous post. I'm saving the rest to watch for tomorrow. Sorry for my poor grammar. I believe she stated that one sibling went to Wesseley, and the other to another well known university, but can't recall which at the moment. Since the article contains direct quotes and said that Jon "tells Star exclusively", seems safe to assume that he was interviewed. "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. Bikini shots in NC or FL, anyone? Through tough times. I know we've discussed the merits of a degree, but I would *think* her parents ingrained in her the value of a college education (my kids have no say-so in the matter, lol). The only people on it I really liked were Nate and his father and then, when she came, Kristen. She is like the 13 year old who insists that EVERYONE DOES IT! All I know, my husband has milked cows, helped cows give birth, got on the tractor to round hay, plus much more.. I thought Jon was against using his kids for money. A $300-million (minimum) gondola to Dodger Stadium? So I KNEW (and I was right) he would be telling the kids that I was sending him to jail. ), http://www.farmaid.org/site/c.qlI5IhNVJsE/b.2723609/k.C8F1/About_Us.htm. Poor Liz. Mrs. Malaprop -- If the parts look sort of like a triangle, it's a boy. It was their home, their life . It's one thing to cry poor and ask for help when you're really not that poor and your situation is your own fault. Will I have to sit on a tape line on the floor or locked in my crib?? And does the 45 minute trip to school include the time from the house to the stop? Other small businesses survive and thrive. I just don't believe it. Our two adult cats are not thrilled with this little guy. And Roundup is banned from our house! I coaxed hubby to view the entire 12 hours series, of the original PBS Documentary, "An American Family". Stray kitten update: It looks like he's here to stay. When I say sad, farming is a lost "art" it as to be done a certain way. But Kate & her sheeple made me laugh. Also an agreement as follows;'a transparent, whole season budget for producing a specified wide array of products for a set number of weeks a year;a common-pricing system where producers and consumers discuss and democratically agree to pricing based on the acceptance of the budget; anda shared risk and reward agreement, i.e. He is also proud that all his grown children are well employed. When we watched the film--oh God, our life--we wanted to forget.. Originally, the Buschkoetters were to be one of several families whose lives would be captured in Sutherland's dramatically intimate style. Our son wanted to be a farmer llike grampa. David Sutherland put radio microphones on the Buschkoetters. If you dont use all of your water then you will loose some of it next year. ***********************************I dont know who he gave the original interview to. He got the estate instead, Sara Gilbert dissects The Conners: If theres no conflict, its not funny, The North remembers: In Northern Ireland, Game of Thrones leaves a lasting legacy, Tucker Carlson, Don Lemon blasted at White House Correspondents dinner, Tom Jones review: PBS Masterpieces latest period drama is laid-back and enjoyable, Michael J. Why would you ever let them into your life? Juanita reports being asked by neighbors who have seen a PBS promotional spot. Where the former truly wanted to just make ends meet for her family, the latter was hell bent on making a career out of having t.v. Last night our adult female hissed and growled at Moses, then she walked over to our adult male, licked his forehead then swatted HIM. I had a few things I wanted to attend. I'm reading about Juanita's story, a letter she's writing and the next thing I know guac is being bragged about. "But Kate's need to be famous is not one of them." sigh Sometimes I amuse myself with these thoughts. I haven't seen the rag, so I don't know if there's anything in it. This is a purse full of bills. However, even if there is, given their track record, it could be hokum. Did you see this on line or was it at a grocery store? and with this prolonged outloud chuckle I am going to say goodnight and go to bed. He also works as an independent representative for Big Iron Auctions in Nuckolls, Webster, Clay and a portion of Franklin County. Why do you pop out of the woodwork every few months and bellyache to the press? :). And Kate has complained endlessly about the tabloids telling lies about her. L. I hope more farms start moving towards CSA. Bad advise or was it just their own stupidity? By Christmas, the family is dead broke and unsure of their future. The actual Star article isn't online. Let's talk about something better. I used to laugh at my dear grandma because if a cat was on the bed in the morning she would wait to make it lest she disturb its peaceful slumber. What is with the odd, snarky posts? The worst crisis, seen in Wednesdays episode, occurred in December 1996. Answer A . The birthday episode where the boys were denied their cupcakes did it for me. You literally eat the pesticide within the corn. So many times what I really needed was to have someone to talk to--Nancy or David or the film crew.. It's quite another to work your darn butt off not just at a full time family farm but at numerous other side jobs, and to try everything you can think of to keep it afloat from pigs to cattle to whatever, and then after 10 years of breaking your back finally plead with your senator and bank to please help. Just to clarify, "part 1" stretches across several youtube videos, but they'll be called part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. The father was out on his milk delivery route. And if for whatever reason you have a black thumb, maybe your neighbor doesn't and you have a skill I'm sure you can barter with. Boring, farming issues are current, and I assure you this documentary is beyond decent. One of the women about had a breakdown being seperated from her adult child for the duration of the project. It follows the Buschkoetters over three years as they face seemingly insurmountable economic hardship, only to confront. She expanded her operation this year to include chickens. This person is joking, right!? I'd love to do it for the love of farming - someday! Did some, everything is a effort. His dad farmed as his father did, Sigh. I think it brought out the worst in both of them, magnifying Kate's narcissism and Jon's passive-aggressiveness. You would think the have lots of access to grain, vegwtables, beef, chicken ,pork eggs etc. What the hell qualifies Kate Gosselin as a matchmaker? Over In Berks said 154 Of course, all this is assuming that you can afford an iPhone and the data charges that go with it. Impressive and not inexpensive-----------Yes, I am pretty sure that is what she said; I was stunned. Kerry Hoffschneider can be reached at editorial@midwestmessenger.com. This "guilt stricken" grandma thinks your hilarious. (having a high school flashback here. Thank you! (Bt is a naturally occuring pesticide approved for organic farm use.) And, since he is referring to the dating show rumor, it was recently. "We just want to make a living and get a fair price for what we produce. Kate's extreme over-reaction to the globe-peeling incident, and the Hitler Video parody we made. Advertisement Hide ads with VIP Part documentary, part love story, THE FARMER'S WIFE, by filmmaker David Sutherland, eloquently blends harsh American farm life with the bittersweet drama of modern marriage. Do they just not ever go out of the house and do things or something? Why won't they stop harrassing Jon and anybody in his life?They can't believe Jon is being a FATHER and not a deadbeat. Lilly said 127 Dwindle - Canadian show was Pioneer Quest^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THANK YOU!!!! I think the girls went to college in Lincoln. Menu. More at IMDbPro. Will I have to sit quietly while all the other 15 Min-ners get to eat cake? The one, Karen (?) What a grand name!Congratulations on your new baby, Mrs. Malaprop :o)May Moses bring continued happiness to your home. And to make it worse, her then boyfriend (later husband) said he didn't want her to go to college, thought she might like 'that type' of lifestyle an education would provide better than him.Seems that between her parents and her husband, she didn't have much of a chance. That's a die hard farmer! I'm naming him Moses because he was pulled out of a burn pile, and now he's living like a prince!+++++++++++++++++ That is so cute! lisa thibault laettner wife, the universal antidote documentary,

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