padding-left: 8px; A Fayetteville lawyer is running for North Carolina attorney general, and a former mayor in Cumberland County is running for lieutenant governor. By | Published February 24, 2022 | Published February 24, 2022 .results_table { Other announced Democratic candidates include: civil rights activist Delmonte Crawford of Raleigh; state Sen. Rachel Hunt of Charlotte (whose father Jim Hunt served four terms as governor), and former state Rep. Raymond E. Smith Jr. of Goldsboro. font-size: 12px; GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) A Greenville city leader and advocate has announced her candidacy for mayor. .mw-body #mw-content-text .votebox .race_header h5.votebox-header-election-type { %PDF-1.6 % He even became mayor, leading the town from 2013 to 2017. WAXHAW, N.C. (WBTV) - Deputies are looking to identify the person who stabbed a teen boy on a walking trail in Union County. Bill Saffo was elected to his eighth term as Wilmington's mayor Tuesday night. I also have experience in local government: I was twice appointed to the Union County Fire Commission and I was a volunteer in our local Union County Schools. The regular meeting began with the recognition of the Waxhaw, NC - The Waxhaw Police Department is actively recruiting Police Officers to serve the community. .percentage_number { She won with a big margin. North Carolina state executives I believe that I can contribute by protecting our community from the growing threat of intrusion by the State and Federal government and supporting law enforcement in deterring growing crime against property and persons coming from outside our town. Having served 10 years in the North Carolina General Assembly, I want to apply my knowledge and experience on behalf of my hometown of Weddington. Get voter registration information. } CHARLOTTE, N.C. Charlotte mayor pro tem Braxton Winston announced Saturday that he will run for North Carolina Commissioner of Labor in 2024. .results_table_container { letter-spacing: 0.03em; Yes. } position: relative; WEDDINGTON, N.C. (WBTV) - Some people living in Union County, North Carolina found runaway rodeo bulls running through their neighborhood. 2021-08-13T11:45:46-04:00 .results_row td { font-weight: 300; "Weddington is a place where you can ease your burdens of life and enhance your joy of living," Deter said. I will work diligently to maintain the rural nature of our town, fighting back against commercial development that does not enhance our quality of life. .election_results_text { endstream endobj 2 0 obj <> endobj 4 0 obj [0 0 792 612] endobj 3 0 obj [0 0 792 612] endobj 8 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Type/Page>> endobj 24 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Type/Page>> endobj 28 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Type/Page>> endobj 32 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Type/Page>> endobj 36 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Type/Page>> endobj 40 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Type/Page>> endobj 49 0 obj <>stream In 2016, Donald Trump won North Carolina by 3.7 points, but blew Hillary Clinton out, 63 to 33, in Union County . }

. We asked each candidate five of our most pressing questions that we could identify that would give our readers and the citizens of Weddington a better understanding of their individual positions on the issues. Wedding Venues In Trinidad And Tobago, 14 U.S. House seats. In order to get the bulls safely out of the street, residents called in some cowboys from Statesville. So, please add us to your ad blocker whitelist to continue enjoying the Tri-W News. .votebox-results-cell--check { } } text-align: center; text-align: center; No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism The city of Weddington, North Carolina, held a general election for mayor on November 5, 2019. top: 0px; We are always working to preserve what Weddington can, but do not have the ability to control our neighboring towns and their municipal zoning. } Id love to be able to slow the growth of our town and maybe tighten up the zoning a little. Senior North Carolina reporter Paul Woolverton can be reached at 910-261-4710 and pwoolverton@gannett.com. One of which includes the Downtown Waxhaw We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. All candidates must file to run for office at the Union County Board of Elections at 316-B East Windsor Street in Monroe. Independence Boulevard widening and Weddington Road interchange. Home; .image-candidate-thumbnail-wrapper .image-candidate-thumbnail { } I will use funds from the towns infrastructure budget to partner with NCDOT to make necessary intersection improvements. Im not sure that change is the right word. The Town is divided into four electoral districts and each district is represented on the Council by one member. .inner_percentage { Rocky River Defeats Cuthbertson 62-59 At The Ravens Nest, Tri-W Sports Highlights: Spring Playoffs Are Here, Tri-W Sports Highlights: NCHSAA Holds Historic Spring Meeting, Tri-W Sports Highlights: Regular Season Baseball Enters Its Final Week, Tri-W Sports Highlights: Two Tri-W Teams are Tied in Conference Lacrosse, https://www.facebook.com/people/Former-Mayor-Bill-Deter/100010235705677/, Bob Maple Wesley Chapel Fire Department, Waxhaw Board Of Commissioners April 25 Regular Meeting Outcomes, Waxhaw Board Of Commissioners April 11 Regular Meeting Outcomes, Waxhaw Police Department Actively Recruiting Police Officers to Serve the Community, Waxhaw Road Project Included in Recent Funding Approvals from CRTPO Board, Waxhaw Downtown Park Construction In Progress, Limit commercial development to the Town Center. The governing body of the Town of Weddington is the Town Council, which has four members and the Mayor. Our land use plan and zoning ordinances have changed very little in 20 years, however, we have been working on improving our ordinances to prevent mass grading of land and clear cutting of trees. Ballot measures And Im just hoping that I can just be a unifying candidate as a problem-solver for Republicans, Democrats and independent voters. Biography } .indicate_scroll { background-color: #003388; Craig Horn D. Craig Horn ( https://www.facebook.com/dcraighorn) Why are you running for Mayor of Weddington? I will work with the Town Council to develop a tree ordinance to keep a natural look and feel to the town. font-size: 12px; I will initiate alternative methods in the meanwhile. if(document.getElementsByClassName("reference").length==0) if(document.getElementById('Footnotes')!==null) document.getElementById('Footnotes').parentNode.style.display = 'none'; What's on my ballot? If you are a candidate and would like to tell readers and voters more about why they should vote for you. (919) 733-7928. Policy: Christopher Nelson Caitlin Styrsky Molly Byrne Jimmy McAllister Samuel Postell It is a suburb in the Charlotte metropolitan area. color:white; Display Results. overflow-x: auto; padding-left: 0; .race_header.green { .inner_percentage.Democratic { .votebox-results-cell--number { margin-right: 12px; display: inline-block; overflow: hidden; vertical-align: top; Hj 0 Overall, though, its a terrific place to live and Id like to make sure that we keep it that way. border: 1px solid #999; Rey is running because I'm just disappointed in the just the back-and-forth, the partisanship, he said in December. display: inline-block; Hj 0 background-color: grey; He is an Army veteran and a former member of the state House. If not fully satisfied, what would you do to improve it. By CarolinaWeekly MONROE - The Union County Board of Elections began accepting campaign paperwork July 26 from candidates entering the 2021 races in Stallings and Weddington. Elected Officials Directory - Union County Board of Elections } State and local courts | How to vote | My name is Bill Deter, and Im running to be the Mayor of Weddington. Vintage Bell Sleeve Wedding Dress, .votebox_legend .non_result_row { position: relative; } She has a horse, Cooper, with whom she spends many hours on the trails. max-width: 600px; Weddington has been good to me, and I look forward to giving back to the community. Each response was submitted by the candidate back to the writer who did not edit or change their response. .votebox_legend .non_result_row { } He lost in the Republican primary on March 3, 2020. The race has an equal number of incumbents (Renee Garner, Ken McCool, John Urban and Larry Whitley) and challengers (Danielle Burnham, Gina Hoover, Heather Spicer Laws and Mark Tofano). Fox 46 Charlotte Meet the candidate running against incumbent Mayor Vi Lyles Charlotte's City Council and Mayoral elections are just days away, with Mayor Vi Lyles eyeing a third term. padding-left: 8px; Find 2 listings related to Mayor in Concord on YP.com. d+&_fONQr)XJv\)I/O1xw?~4N]h 1%|~h6m%nqu !Zh"MIEAOFFFE1. MONROE Candidate for Monroe City Council Julie Thompson and her daughter Julia "Katie" Haygood have filed incident reports against current City councilwoman Angelia James, who is running for Mayor of Monroe. font-weight: 100; State legislatures Some elections planned for this year have been postponed to . [,gz^5mLem,Hp$B$+ %KnI-B%]Ht!.[tKu+XWXc]e]b0RFH1r)F#a9#b$4S [{y +YWYg]XWq8(!8pPCAY7W_tc:,j>%C3l # .race_header.democratic { In order to get the bulls safely out of the street, residents called in some cowboys from Statesville. How do you plan to involve residents in the decision making process in our community? In her first campaign, she ran as an advocate for return to one acre (R40) subdivisions zoning, opposing the RCD cluster subdivisions that had been authorized by her predecessor, Ed Howie. } At least two new faces will join the Matthews Board of Commissioners since Dave Bland and Jeff Miller are not running. } } 5,`&|33g=yfObL1 t&d;Yk)@dm3e| 3g c(1j `Um|N a_W!wXW?"ujJ Threats of harming another 2. letter-spacing: .03em; EC: Traffic is a major problem in Weddington and for the last 2 years I have been working closely with NCDOT to learn the different sources of money that may be available to the town. Cities | .votebox { .race_header { Finally, if you prefer in-person voting, sites will be open from 6:30 am until 7:30 pm on November 2. She has a horse, Cooper, with whom she spends many hours on the trails. overflow-y: auto; Leaning that way. width: 50px; MONROE - The Union County Board of Elections began accepting campaign paperwork July 26 from candidates entering the 2021 races in Stallings and Weddington. This office is outside of Ballotpedia's coverage scope and does not receive scheduled updates. background-color: #6db24f; The qualified voters of the entire Town elect the Mayor. Saffo received 63.38% or 12,927of the . Elizabeth Callis is seeking re-election as Mayor of Weddington. "As I got older and started to have to deal with more stress, I realized that when I ran, I was able to clear my mind from anything negative or use it as more . .inner_percentage.Republican { 3 min read. Click here to contact our editorial staff, and click here to report an error. } I will incorporate all the above methods into my recently begun Five Year Plan. During that time, I was appointed chairman of the House Appropriations Committee on Education Policy and the Committee on Education Appropriations. .mw-body #mw-content-text .votebox .race_header h3.votebox-header-office-name { margin-top: 16px; position: absolute; } Incumbent Elizabeth Callis won election in the general election for Mayor of Weddington. MENU. The sixty-two scholars come from twenty-four North Carolina counties, seventeen U.S. states and territories (including North Carolina), and eight countries (including the . Incumbent Elizabeth Callis defeated Walton Hogan in the general election for Mayor of Weddington on November 5, 2019. @media screen and (max-width: 350px) { EC: Our zoning plan calls predominantly for single family development. Mayor Anderson and the 2 councilmen present called for public comments at the beginning of the meeting. .non_result_row th { I have a BS degree from the University of South Carolina and an MBA from Drake University. width: 90%; I will work with surrounding communities to develop andimplement a smart growth plan. Featuring over 40 presenters, Career Day Charlotte Region Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) recently announced that various road projects have been approved for funding. Officials say the rodeo bulls got loose from their home . endstream endobj 44 0 obj <> endobj 13 0 obj <> endobj 9 0 obj /Arial,Bold endobj 14 0 obj <> endobj 12 0 obj <> endobj 10 0 obj [750 750 278 333 474 556 556 889 722 238 333 333 389 584 278 333 278 278 556 556 556 556 556 556 556 556 556 556 333 333 584 584 584 611 975 722 722 722 722 667 611 778 722 278 556 722 611 833 722 778 667 778 722 667 611 722 667 944 667 667 611 333 278 333 584 556 333 556 611 556 611 556 333 611 611 278 278 556 278 889 611 611 611 611 389 556 333 611 556 778 556 556 500 389 280 389 584 750 556 750 278 556 500 1000 556 556 333 1000 667 333 1000 750 611 750 750 278 278 500 500 350 556 1000 333 1000 556 333 944 750 500 667 278 333 556 556 556 556 280 556 333 737 370 556 584 333 737 552 400 549 333 333 333 576 556 333 333 333 365 556 834 834 834 611 722 722 722 722 722 722 1000 722 667 667 667 667 278 278 278 278 722 722 778 778 778 778 778 584 778 722 722 722 722 667 667 611 556 556 556 556 556 556 889 556 556 556 556 556 278 278 278 278 611 611 611 611 611 611 611 549 611 611 611 611 611 556 611 556] endobj 11 0 obj [0 0 0 0] endobj 50 0 obj [52 0 R] endobj 51 0 obj <>stream } We attend St Matthew Church and have lived in Weddington for 15 years. I will regularly update the residents on town affairs throughemails, website, Facebook and the Council meetings. padding-bottom: 7px; Mayor of Weddington. font-weight: 300; This is why I'm running for mayor. Local ballot measures . How would you mitigate those concerns or improve the current situation? } H\U T{auW`0GipDaFQ TtFAUL0QL1V1QcDCMAf3m%Dw0j{.@0^Duz&{%l~ u,s And I will help us keep taxes low and work against unwanted and unnecessary government intrusion in our lives. 6490 Weddington Road, Wesley Chapel, NC 28104 December 13, 2021 - 7:00 PM . X|[x~ 8J=!6e)(+i`vV u9+3v`!]u)(.-Yr 4RUieY~C&-J?u}(Zy`RZ$=/T2MPQY;6m/"T*7[Y\c_Px-u 'C letter-spacing: .04em; position: relative; 5909 Bluebird Hill Ln Matthews, NC 28104. } /]=o9v@:Fe==r=-#O[D13wAi,k` PF_j!&PE-k ]#bM5Ovq2(a &IPE%iSq%+B7EjPRP+IHA|8oP1R^UgE{#B7&DjBH height: 56px; Absentee ballots can be requested at the Union County Board of Elections Site (https://unioncountyncelections.gov). margin: 8px auto; Unity Candles For Weddings Cheap,

Governor with Optimist International. H\@EyZv/$UW "ayN`LB~I\Hf}9]3KhvYiM\ Y.S&.^fVMYmlv'k6:9v)rixLVh]%=! State executives In addition to practicing law, Dunn has had a 33-year career in the Marines, with a mix of active duty and reserve service, and retired as a colonel. In your opinion, how do we best manage growth and still keep a small town atmosphere that we moved here for? In 2012, Mitt Romney (R) won 80 out of 120 state House districts in North Carolina with an average margin of victory of 22.7 points. background-color: #f4f4f4; Current mayor: Bill Deter . Check out a few of our past and current clients below. In presidential elections between 1792 and 2016, North Carolina voted Democratic 53.5 percent of the time and Republican 25 percent of the time. background: #4c4c4c; uEie.IIY#q>9- (8XN8Ar>:9%w h/. display: block; Rank: Population: Mayor: Term: Status: 75: 283,506: Steve Schewel (D) 2: Did not run: For local election dates by contest, visit the Local Voter Tool. The recent town survey indicated an overwhelming percentage of citizens strongly want to keep commercial restricted specifically to the Weddington Corners shopping center. Tracy Stone, candidate for Weddington Mayor (photo unavailable). The city of Weddington, North Carolina, held a general election for mayor on November 5, 2019. .results_row { display: block; font-weight: bold; State officials .outer_percentage { border-bottom: 1px solid grey; Be Nice. margin-bottom: 4px; Published: Feb. 27, 2015 at 12:26 AM PST | Updated: Mar. November 2, 2021 North Carolina Municipal General Election Candidates for Mayor, Weddington, Multiple Counties, N.C. Bill Deter More information Craig Horn Website 78 More information Tracy Stone More information View a list of all questions available to the candidates. A legislative vote that ignited controversy a decade ago is sparking new questions about a candidate in the runoff in the 9th Congressional District. Although it seems that we are growing very quickly, Weddington issues on average 140 Certificates of Occupancy per year. March 11, 2022. .inner_percentage { WEDDINGTON, N.C. (WBTV) - Some people living in Union County, North Carolina found runaway rodeo bulls running through their neighborhood. } .results_text { Trump won five districts controlled by Democrats heading into the 2018 elections. .mw-body #mw-content-text th.votebox-results-cell--text { display: table; padding:7px 8px 8px; font-weight: bold; padding-bottom: 0px; I was confused by the events of the meeting. margin-top: 1em; } .race_header.green { Jun. Officials say the rodeo bulls got loose from their home in Stallings about three weeks ago. Some residents in our community say we have traffic flow problems today. height: 56px; } The population was 9,459 at the 2010 census. 17 of the 100 largest cities in the country will elect a mayor. We'd love to hear eyewitness I have also assumed a one-year position as a Lt. Dunn has served eight years as a councilman and eight years as mayor. background-color: #003388; Try Weddington United Methodist, Rehobeth Presbyterian, or First Baptist of Indian Trail. The governing body of the Town of Weddington is the Town Council, which has four members and the Mayor. [1], The following table details results of the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections by state House districts in North Carolina. Elected officials serve the citizens of Monroe and provide the legislative and policy-making functions for City government, directing such action as required for the general welfare of the City through appropriate programs, services, and activities which promote confidence in City government. Source. The roundup covers leaders is sports, politics, business and community relations. The following is a list of the current state executive officials from North Carolina: width: 100% .votebox-results-metadata-p { Elizabeth Callis: I have always been an active member of my community. Research: Josh Altic Vojsava Ramaj This problem has existed and still exists today due to rapid growth countywide combined with an outdated road system. } font-style: italic; Mayor Richard (Ricky) E. Hines ricky.hines@wintervillenc.com 2452 Surry Lane Winterville, NC 28590 Phone: (252) 412-4121 TERM EXPIRES 2025 Mayor Pro Tem Johnny Moye 28111) or through the North Carolina State Board of Elections' absentee ballot request portal. Rey has a combined 22 years of service with the Army and the National Guard and retired as a major. Read all about it: NC Lt. Gov. No candidate may file for more than one municipal office during the same election. WEDDINGTON, NC - On behalf of the Town of Weddington, we are proud of your accomplishments and your perseverance. margin-bottom:16px; line-height: 1.5em; Facebook. background-color: #fdd007; padding-top: 8px; Long-time mayor Jerry Tolley opted not to seek re-election. margin-bottom: .75em; } Mark Robinson stands by LGBTQ+ 'filth' comments amid calls for resignation. padding:7px 8px 8px; padding-left: 0; oOCz_k>90"j1X6JORxjPulk`_m>H>m~3%9?=Ny48a_;ao]@ 6Um?/awn8SM%WNy"OFYZr RYntO!R+g{;7&5% -/q?,J $uVca}78IH]K.k|cU:hq|8g|8i iNxoi\6A 1?eY8OBBk!TH)]ii*>pCNE|o\QeXP6%zfzX{4aF+t%+!H]*dD% 9K+uo5}%!4yw)e Did not run: Kasim Reed hopes to return to the office he held for two terms. One-stop early voting available at Monroe Library until Oct. 30 By Staff Reports Mayor Dan Clodfelter Mayor Pro Tem Michael D. Barnes Al Austin Patsy Kinsey . Ballotpedia features 408,477 encyclopedic articles written and curated by our professional staff of editors, writers, and researchers. 2021-08-13T11:45:46-04:00 In 2016, Donald Trump (R) won 76 out of 120 state House districts in North Carolina with an average margin of victory of 27.7 points. We are surrounded by towns that allow higher density housing and that is the tremendous growth that we all feel. April 27, 2022 (28 years old) View obituary. Local recalls, North Carolina congressional delegation The Race: Mayor John Higdon will coast to a second term without an opponent. Stallings Mayor Wyatt Dunn and Councilman David Scholl are running for reelection. The current mayor of Weddington is Elizabeth Callis. Dunn has served eight years as a councilman and eight years as mayor. Share with Us. Kannapolis candidates for mayor, Dennis Johnson, left, and Darrell Hinnant (incumbent) . } Counties | .non_result_row th { Tech: Matt Latourelle Ryan Burch Kirsten Corrao Beth Dellea Travis Eden Tate Kamish Margaret Kearney Eric Lotto Joseph Sanchez. These projects will encourage . Scholl,. To view a list of statewide measures in North Carolina, click here. Horn is a former member of the North Carolina General Assembly, having served District 68 as a Representative from 2011 to 2020. Questions are included below only if there is at least one response. } background-color: #003388; He has represented District 1 since 2017. Jimmy DeLeon. racist or sexually-oriented language. .inner_percentage.Green { Whether you are running for Mayor or Governor, Conservative Connections can put together a winning strategy for your particular race. .inner_percentage, .inner_percentage.Nonpartisan, .inner_percentage.Independent, .inner_percentage.Constitution, .inner_percentage.unknown { Our unique rural character is so important to residents and this is one way we can help to protect that. 5,`&|33g=yfObL1 t&d;Yk)@dm3e| 3g c(1j `Um|N a_W!wXW?"ujJ .mw-body #mw-content-text th.votebox-results-cell--text { if(document.getElementsByClassName("reference").length==0) if(document.getElementById('Footnotes')!==null) document.getElementById('Footnotes').parentNode.style.display = 'none'; What's on my ballot? In the town's mayoral race, current councilman Lynn Barbee bested formed mayor Dan Wilcox by a 20-point margin. View Comments Tags. D`)YFw1qz 8o%yDyQYa]GJV_c4h]Y|Qk_LBF$2 I enjoy Weddington as it is, and Id like to keep it as the lovely small town that Ive enjoyed living in for the past 17 years. I was the House Chair for the General Assemblys Program Evaluation Oversight Committee. } This page is outside of that coverage scope and does not receive scheduled updates. .votebox-results-cell--check { Alamance - Alamance Soil And Water Conservation District Supervisor. It is a great tool for residents to help keep in touch with what is going on. Do Caterers Charge More For Weddings, 1. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. Sample Ballots. The number of members on the board, method of election, and whether they represent districts or hold at-large seats are determined by the municipal charter. .non_result_row { } text-align: center; EC: The towns economy is healthy and based on survey results offers enough shopping based on the needs of the community. 2. Polls early Wednesday morning indicate Tim Sessoms won with 58% of votes favoring him.. Paul Edward Hunter. How to run for office | } letter-spacing: .03em; overflow-y: hidden; Callis ran for re-election for Mayor of Weddington in North Carolina. Bill Deter (https://www.facebook.com/people/Former-Mayor-Bill-Deter/100010235705677/). steve armstrong obituary,

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