See Photos. That's specifically why it's therapeutic to me I guess. of Defense organization for military parents, the Blue To Gold Liaison for families of Central Texas KIA's. She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and has also served on the Executive Board of Directors for many non-profit organizations. You don't fight an evil ideology with peaceful reactions. On military message boards there is vocal disapproval from those who label it as boot, or immature (I thought I would like it, but it just comes off as a little cringy to be honest, says one user in the Veterans subreddit). To be honest, civilians dont belong around us. "The mental wounds of war are just as bad, if not worse, than the . I guess if you consider good leadership fraternization, then he was a fraternizer. He's an intellectual and he was giving me all these reasons why the Marine Corps was not going to be good for me and how it was going to restrain me. "'Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant: Operation Branding Iron 2.1A' by former Capt. You can't say that to civilians. Because some fucking officer in their command said they needed to maintain their presence in that area. DO: My most memorable moments were two that were almost identical. DO: Afghanistan was my dream. The hardest part was not getting caught laughing and not fucking off. I'm honored. How else do you grow? He fought me hard to convince me to not join. DO: When I first started writing the book (Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant: Operation Branding Iron) I did it because I knew I could make people laugh with it. We had that first one and we were like "Oh fuck" We knew it was going to happen. Get your education first and if you still want to join when you're done with your education, the war will still be going on." Again, it's like, "God dammit how bad are they hurt?" Donny O'Malley BTW - I should be an award winning actor for my 6 year performance in the play, "Marine Corps," which has been running since 1775. All of them are pieces of shit. DO: It's really hard to identify my most memorable experience post-service. [11], List of VET Tv's original television series and episodes:[12], VET Tv's mission statement is to make entertainment that recreates and parodies the military experience in order to promote camaraderie and prevent veteran suicide.[13]. After a couple deployments and some weak bones, Donny was medically retired in 2015 and decided to dedicate his post-service life to making military veterans laugh in the darkest, filthiest, raunchiest way possible. Cue the collective eye roll of course. I'd be that direct and blunt. Two years ago, I was Googling free locations to film, and Riverside popped up, says John Acevedo, Vet Tvs COO and CMO. I was a shy insecure, little-bullied kid until I was 16, and I've been a leader ever since then. The second half of that is that all veterans need to completely rid their fucking mind, body, and spirit of this fucking entitlement bullshit. They are very loyal to the project and have been some of the quickest to get behind me and my work. O'Malley's real name is Danny Maher, but he adopted the pseudonym Donny O'Malley in 2015 as the author of a satirical memoir, "Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant," and . Why? And I was laughing like I havent laughed in a long, long time., Donny OMalley is a stage name. I wasn't hit by enemy fire but I just kept breaking. Date of Birth: October 31, 1966 Ethnicity: Irish Mike O'Malley is an American actor and writer. A showcase for compelling storytelling from the Los Angeles Times. The company, described as a ragtag team of aspiring filmmakers, launched the OTT platform on June 23, 2017. Retired Marine Captain.I use dark humor to bring vets together a This hike pulled me out of my depression." So are we going to do [brownface] again? I narrowly dodged that bullet, or I should say narrowly dodged that hail of machine gun fire. And thats why I believe young Marines love this guy unabashedly. I watched his behavior with the Irreverent Warrior team and with other Marines on the hike. I was actually miserable that first month. This treasure map says so, How L.A.s Doug Emhoff became the White Houses voice against antisemitism, His family saved a girl from Nazis. "I want a chance, I want equality, I want better. I just knew it. His generation has served in combat thats a whole different ballgame, he says. That's the most simple answer that I can give. Vet Tv is a streaming on-demand video subscription. Ps. They said, "Tell them what you saw, son! How do I know this? Part of why I'm doing what I'm doing though is because I saw that in everyone else. . You believed me, didn't you? document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Check out Irreverent Warriors on Facebookwww.facebook.com/irreverentwarriors/and on Instagram @irreverent_warriors. I delivered my finest acting performance in the play . He is the son of Marianne and Anthony V. O'Malley, Jr. His sister is actress Kerry O'Malley. It's therapeutic to them to know that they're not the only ones to think it. I'm going to make community for us.". The ability to come out and say them, whether I'm writing a book, making a film, a skit, or I'm on a stage is awesome. The various branches were represented by kids just slightly older than me, ready to experience their own edition of what I was about to go through. The way to fix this problem is for all of us to come together and improve our education system. Did you feel stigmatized or disconnected when you left the Corps? I remember as we were running I'd purposely trip guys in front of me and push them. I needed to know where all of our guys were, where they were going to, where all the bad guys were, and even what was in the sky at 6,000, 8,000, and 10,000 feet. But judging all cops as pieces of shit for a bad shooting is the same as judging all black people as pieces of shit for a robbery by a black man. There were bombs going off in New York that day. [10], VET Tv has also used its programming to point out flaws in the military. Its like, is this Third World? Even if it's a shitty job, they still have it and they're not fucking fighting each other. If Vet Tv tended to everybody, it wouldnt be Vet Tv it would be TV, says Zachery Laning, a digital media producer and Marine vet. Talk about your time as a Marine and what you enjoyed most about being in the Marine Corps. Donny was born in Queens and raised by a Colombian mother and Marine Infantry / Naval Doctor father. It's a sense of joy and happiness that I'd only felt when I was a basketball coach. Watching the screen go white and then watching their fucking body parts fly everywhere, some of them were twitching, and knowing that I just fucking killed these guys. We're never going to. It doesn't even matter if they're in the same unit. I will crush Marine officers until the day I die for their selfish cowardice. Not even just the Marines. We get there and were training with the Afghan army, and their level of pathetic-ness was beyond comprehension, says OMalley, who served as an officer for almost six years. Relationship Donny O Malley appears to be a single individual, although he is actually married. What's been your most memorable experience post-service? That's the specific plan. I could tell someone in the Corps, "You look fat as fuck in your uniform. It's in our nature. Everyone could tell I hated it and I acted like a piece of shit of course. Tannehill doesnt think thats possible. New episodes drop every Friday. This is my life. That was it. Keeping my mouth shut was so difficult. That's absolutely infuriating. See Photos. . Donny O'Malley is combining some of the things Marines love most in his effort to bring awareness to a serious issue: humor and very short shorts known as silkies . [5], In June 2018, VICE investigated VET Tv's mission and audience with interviews of actual veterans as well as a documentary. Right now, he is the most trending person in social media. When I was a little kid I'd watched the movie Platoon with my parents and everyone fucking dies and I was like, "I need to be a Marine." Being able to acknowledge whatever demon you're facing. He said that his CAR was given to him due to false claims of receiving ID RPG fire. DO:To be honest, the most fun I had in the Marine Corps was getting to do helicopter missions. This battle is going to be won by technology that is going to improve the quality of life in the shittiest parts of the world. Seeing what we had the ability to create, plan, and execute on such a big stage was a really fucking humble experience. I believe that the greatest leaders in the world are also the greatest listeners. War-related movies and series are evergreen in Hollywood, but they are almost universally produced with civilian audiences in mind audiences whose understanding of the military is largely based on other movies and series theyve already seen. However, the majority of the Marines I personally know (and I know quite a few) think exactly like Donny speaks. That's an accessory to the problem. Why is the Marine Corps the best from your viewpoint? Martin Luther King Jr. would be rolling over in his grave right now. They got mad at me for it. However, he is 25 pounds leaner and of a slightly lighter skin tone and taller as well. It doesn't matter what you did in the Marine Corps. Meanwhile, there were tons of other people that saw it too. Donny with the crew on the set of Vet TV. OMalley created original home-made videos to market both ventures and saw an opportunity to create a film production company after receiving feedback from his audience that they would pay for his content. We use humor and camaraderie to bring veterans together to heal and mend the wounds of war to further prevent veteran suicide. I was lucky because I got to HELO into these areas. I literally looked to my JTAC and said, "I have a feeling we are going to pop an IED," and sure enough a few seconds later "BOOM!" It is within every single one of us as veterans to do good things, be a good influence, and to help the community. If they had a better quality of life, they'd be less likely to be infected by this virus. I took 43 units of classes my last year I was in the Corps. So everyone listening, "Stop posting thirsty fucking pictures on Facebook and get out there and fucking volunteer. Continue serving your community in any capacity. These hikes are popping up all over the fucking country." Activity What needs to be done is at the center of Vet Tv programming. Why is Frank McCourt really pushing it? Hes a Marine Corps Commander and one of the reasons the Corps is majorly dominant in skirmishes with the enemy. His concentration, dedication, and hard work have assisted him to get this position. DO: I was 25 years old when I joined and 26 when I got to my unit as a boot lieutenant. The first month I was there I was the Fire Support Team Leader and there was no reason for me to leave the wire. Let's say you kill every single person in Afghanistan to just destroy Islam there, then you have every single Muslim that was on the fence now being six hundred times more pissed off. That's why the Marine Corps is the best. It's pure cowardice and then there's selfishness on top of that. That was an intense thing and knowing that I was not going to have it anymore fucking sucked. 133K Followers, 301 Following, 2,736 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Donny O'Malley | VET Tv (@donnyomalley) What the fuck?" He retired for medical reasons and self-published a book, Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant. He said, "I saw it man. So as a result of that writing, we had a connection. And objections to the material are not just coming from civilians who dont get the humor.. Mike's paternal grandfather was named Anthony V. O'Malley (the son of Anthony O'Malley and Bridget). Some of my videos that are the most controversial and offensive are getting the most support. What's the quickest way to find a Marine? The service, which has more than 50,000 subscribers at a rate of $5 a month, is marketed directly to members and veterans of the armed forces, particularly the extensive, web-savvy, post-9/11 generation. And some of em are Oliver Stone, whos super antiwar. A veteran joined because they want to protect others. She is the Founder and Past President of Wilco Blue Star Mothers, a Dept. Don't be a Marine. They seem to be less extreme than Islam but Islam is spreading so rapidly. But with a comedic voice that could be described as Sandler via Pauly Shore, OMalley has also amassed a substantial number of critics. Something went wrong with your request. Not getting in trouble on libo was also hard. Senior officer's will slam him, military historians will be shocked, and all civilians will be 100% certain he's psychotic. The leaders in the Muslim community need to openly speak against extremism, fundamentalism, and terrorism. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Gloria Vanderbilt told Anderson Cooper not to expect a trust fund. It looks like trash because thats literally what a battalion aid station in the military looks like, Acevedo says. I wanted to ride in helicopters, carry guns, go camping, and all that led me to the Marine Corps. Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant: Operation Branding Iron 2.1A. Privacy Policy. I get what hes trying to do, but its hard to watch it and not think of it as being anything other than really offensive, says Col. Don Christensen, former chief prosecutor of the Air Force and president of Protect Our Defenders, an organization dedicated to eradicating rape and sexual assault in the military. This is fucking boot camp. A $300-million (minimum) gondola to Dodger Stadium? Dont expect us to represent the U.S. military the way the commercials want us to, or the way you think we should. They need to shout it from their social media and every chance they get denounce those evils. Just being able to say what you're thinking is therapeutic. Donny O'Malley and Terminal Boots show some differences between Old Corps and New Corps. I wouldnt play the role.. DO: Well we need to keep grunts away from civilians. Don O'Malley. It happens in every city, almost every fucking day, everywhere in the country. This was O'Malley's goal when he created VET Tv.[6]. They're worse off and they didn't experience post-traumatic growth that Mattis talks about. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. He didn't interject. DO: If I could tell civilians one thing to change perception it would be to look at all of the mass killings that we've had in the U.S. My brain had to move at a level that it never had. I didn't have that same feeling of detachment that many guys have when they get out. The Debrief with Donny O'Malley 1 season. You're probably asking by now, "Tim aren't you going to mention humility? 2 likes. You go to some of the less poor parts of Africa like Tanzania where it's like 60/40 Christian to Muslim and they live happily with each other; because they have jobs and food. Subscribe Share Share with your friends 18 Episodes 15:42 Quit The Bull Quit The Bull. We need to create our own sense of community because we aren't the same as WWII veterans. Then we came back into the wire two hours later and we heard someone pop another IED. They have travelled a lot of places and enjoys their married life. Donald Omalley. In July 2016, Donny O'Malley founded VET Tv and based it on the idea of producing micro-budget films made specifically for the veteran and military community "using pitch-black comedy as a tool for processing the horrors of war." [5] O'Malley claims, "There is tangible proof that healing from the trauma of war can be achieved through comedy." Born out of the unfiltered, uncensored mind of VET Tv's Founder, The Debrief with Donny O'Malley is sure to make you laugh and nut at the same time.-- Reach out and text someone you served with, social connection saves lives. Cops who do the fucking wrong thing should be hammered on a case-by-case basis. Ive heard things I would never repeat to a civilian in those hallowed inner circles. I served with a mortar-man that was in his platoon in 2/5 during his Afghanistan deployment. A lot of the problem within the military is getting people to think like adults versus frat boys. DO: Knowing that, because I was medically retired, that I wouldn't be around a rifle company. Civilians have already chosen how they look at us with all these video games. Then came a shocking discovery, Irans storytelling tradition spans centuries. Bali joined the cast in Season 1 and was very open about her past. What do you think about the superhero mantra attached to soldiers by many civilians? Mr. Donny O'Malley was born in Queens, New York, and raised by Colombian and Irish immigrants. Hold back all the laughter, he jokes to the quiet room of cast and crew, many of whom are veterans or active-duty military, as they settle in for more takes on a scene set at a Marine Corps ball. Donny O'Malley. No_Adeptness_8154 Active Duty O-4 . Donny was born in Queens and raised by a Colombian mother and Marine Infantry / Naval Doctor father. It will be live at 2pm PST for questions and Donny will be coming in around 2:30pm to start answering questions and shooting the shit and will last about 1.5-2hrs. How dare you not let my son graduate?" During his time in the Marine Corps, Mr. O'Malley was deployed once to Southeast Asia and Afghanistan. I'm even more proud that I was in an infantry unit. I was born accidentally in Queens, New York to Irish and Colombian Catholic immigrants. The quickest thing to go in a declining society or failing civilization is loyalty. Cowardice existed in Hitler's officers, Marine officers, and the leaders in the black community who don't step up and say, "You're all wrong. The mission there, as recently detailed in the Washington Posts Afghanistan Papers report, was perceived by many of those present to be almost entirely pointless. My family is very close. They have nothing except this ideology so it lends itself to extremism. It was such a joke. Anyone know how he was when he was active? Founder of Irreverent Warriors,a veteran nonprofit and Veteran Entertainment Television. I just remember thinking, "I'll probably never feel this happy again." It's the same thing. The media needs to also stop perpetuating the problem. I saw it." You need to fix that shit." You're talking about the wrong problem." Bill O'Malley became a judge in 1985 after being the elected district attorney for 15 years, and Mary Ann O'Malley was . I'd lived in San Diego for twenty years. There are none that stand out completely. I would say theres two people that actually have formal education in any job we have, he explains. But, in general, I passionately hate the Officer Corps in the Marines. People like that. Political correctness? It sucks that this is turning into just a Muslim thing because it's not all Muslims. The only ones you see that from are the fucking Army Rangers, Airborne, and the infantry units. Except, this 95 mph fastball is now the decision between taking a life and not taking one. DO: I initially started Irreverent Warriors just to be a brand that fell under my publishing company that had parties and brought veterans together. In spite of being the type of person who never liked having a boss, and who was very entrepreneurial in nature, Donny O'Malley wanted to join the military and become a Marine, primarily . I would talk to some of my friends and it would sound like I was giving orders. You don't see that from the other branches. The Corps is family. But everybody does, and since Im Dan, I call him Donny when Im around his staff., Using his decades of experience in multiple branches of the military, Maher serves as a senior advisor to Vet Tv. I said, "Government, Marine Corps, DOD, this is what you can do to facilitate communication amongst veterans of the same unit." and our Founder and President at VET Tv- Veteran Television. All Rights Reserved. What was the hardest part of getting out of the Marine Corps? But he notes a difference between his experience and his sons. I felt like, "This isn't right that I have community and they don't. A veteran who is dealing with mental issues and is on the same brink as those others, their reaction is to kill themselves. We as the black leadership need to offer better educational programs to kids, we need to be better fathers, and parents." I remember as I was waiting for the bird to come thinking, "This is what I've been dreaming of my entire life." A video he made to market his book resonated with infantry men and women and went viral. Truthfully, there are two parts. The reality is the military is not going to win this battle. I always knew that if I was their Platoon Commander I could take care of them. Danny Maher, published in late June under his stage name Capt. I'm getting chills because this whole movement is predicated upon lies. That, from my viewpoint, is what needs to happen if we want to un-fuck this racial shit we have going on right now. They no longer think, "I'm dark. DO: I think that all of the successful leaders of the black community need to step up and call bullshit where there is bullshit. I just know that it is. I'm so accustomed to seeing the comedic side of skits and the comedy sketches that are now his calling card. If OCS is this bad for you what are you going to do when you get overseas? Donny, a native of Queens, New York is the founder and CEO for VET Tv, also known as Veteran Television, a streaming video on demand (SVOD) channel that has often been referred to as the Comedy. I'm thankful for those that exhibit this trait. Donny says some things in this interview that some will disagree with, and these same things will be the things that almost every Marine and infantryman reciprocates. [3], Prior to VET Tv, Donny OMalley wrote the best seller, Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant and started Irreverent Warriors,[4] a non-profit designated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service. They don't fucking think outside of the box and realize there are other ways to make impacts in that area. I'd like to thank Donny for his time and for being a part of the project. Donny O'Malley, is a look into the dark humor of young Marines who are forced to confront the worst of humanity in the war zone." All of these Marine's lives were on the fucking line and I needed to be my best. I remember it turned out to be bullshit but the intel was basically like we had an expected number of casualties we were going to take so everyone was scared as fuck. I believe cowardice is an accessory to evil. I'm already thinking these jokes I tell in my head. These guys are fucking insignificant scumbag, pieces of shit and some of them are very talented but they're looked at like gods, like deity. It's easy to spread because it's spreading in areas that are very poor with no jobs. Before that, I was always like, "Let's get some!" How many times did your son show up to Saturday tutoring? He was hoping that the war would be over because after he got out of the Marine Corps he became a doctor in the Navy. It was cool being one of the oldest guys in my platoon. OMalleys mini-empire is based on the idea that there is a veteran market yet to be fully captured. If you could tell a civilian one thing to change perception what would that be? She was married at . Being in a rifle company is what I miss. Cookie Notice The whole city was involved, NYPD was involved, and that was so amazing. Donny meets with the Irreverent Warriors team. Colonel is being a fucking coward. I've been watching some of the vetTV stuff and and supporter of the silkie hikes, and he seems like a pretty chill guy. He describes the experience of fighting to establish bases in Helmand province only to watch the bases immediately be retaken by the Taliban as soon as the U.S. tried to hand them off to local forces: As were still there, [the Taliban are] taking over! he says.

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